Rein Pill announced his participation in World Cup Final

At the end of February in Warsaw, the highest ranking show jumpers of the Central European League were qualified for the World Cup final in Omaha, USA. Rein Pill, also among the top three, recently made an official announcement of his participation in the World Cup Final.

Last time Estonian riders took part in the high-profile World Cup final was 2011 in Leipzig, Germany and 2012 in 's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands. Back then in Leipzig we could root for Tiit Kivisild on Cinnamon and Gunnar Klettenberg on Ulrike R. Kivisild and Cinnamon also took part in the final in 's-Hertogenbosch a year later, competing in the first class only.

This year's final is in Omaha, State of Nebraska, USA from March 29 to April 2. The horses of European competitors will be flown to the location of the event on a chartered cargo flight from Amsterdam on March 25. Rein Pill will be competing in the final on his 12-year-old main horse A Brok and in addition to the groom he will be accompanied by the Greek top trainer Stavros Georgopoulos who has trained members of our national team for years.

Pill says A Brok has been jumping steadily the whole season and the goal of our athlete in the competition is, first and foremost, to ride well for himself. „I have no thoughts of winning, of course, but I still want to jump normally,“ Pill said. Naturally, the opportunity to participate in the final is motivating, because Estonian show jumpers haven't been competing on this level in recent years.

Because the participation opportunity came so late, there is not much time left for preparations and the experienced rider will rather take pre-competition training easier. „I plan to take part in the indoor championships the coming weekend. Before departure I will definitely have two strong jumping sessions in Belgium, too.“

Rein Pill could not foretell who will take home the prestigious cup this time. „There are many big names present and it's very difficult to predict the winner,“ the athlete said.

Official website of the Omaha event:

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